Realisation of a website for the Chinese artist Minli Gao,
Organising ‘Buddy contacts’ of art students between the Netherlands and Russia.

After a silent year chain will organise a few courses again during autumn. In 2022 we will offer a full programme. See for more information and registration.

New courses
–   Chain on Bike – a Face of Europe. Visiting (former) course locations on bicycle, from Stockholm to Athens. Participants can join one or more ‘week tracks’. See also
–  Greek Theatre: a Mirror. Seamus Heaney’s play The Cure at Troy offers a chain between N-Ireland and classical Greece … and more. 2022 in N-Ireland, later years in Greece.

E+ funding
–  The current funding period (from September 2019) can be expanded until the end 2022. A school can require an amendment of 12 months. Forms can be downloaded from the NA site and should be sent in ultimately a month before the end of the contract period.
–  As to the new budget period: ‘accredited’ institutes will have the first deadline very soon (11 May). The next accreditation deadline will be October this year (2021).


Construction of a global database of skill-based artists from all countries in the world

Exhibition of the Chinese artist  Minli Gao in Forma Aktua Gallery, Groningen, Netherlands.

Participation with 4 Dutch artists in the Hands Across the Pacific Art Exhibition in Beijing China (Classical Salon/ILFAS)

Participation in the monthly online conference ‘Dialogues for Artists in a Changing World’

Collaboration with the online art academy classical ART  to set up a Summerschool and periodic Masterclasses, with teaching programmes to be filled in by Artists in Residence from different continents.

The exchange with Beijing, China, for the international exhibition “Hands across the Pacific” was postponed several times due to Covid19 and finally limited to a digital presentation.

ILFAS Resume 2020


Exchange of exhibitions between China and the Netherlands with exhibitions of 9 Chinese artists in the Dutch Silk Road Art Exhibition in Leeuwarden, Kampen, The Hague and Groningen, the Netherlands.
Receptions of several delegations of artists and art curators from China.
Exhibitions of 11 Dutch artists in 2 museums in Xi’an and one in Qingdao, China as a special presentation in the ‘6th Silk Road International Art Exhibition’ in Xi’an, which was opened on behalf of the international artists by Tom Hageman, chairman of the ILFAS foundation..

Visits and collaboration agreements with the Ecole Superieur d’Art Visuel in Marrakech, Morocco..
Visits and collaboration agreements with the Moscow Academy of Fine Arts named Surikov, and with the Moscow Art Lyceum, Russia

Participation in ‘The Representational Art Conference 2019’ in Ventura, California, USA.

Participation in the ‘FigureThis Conference’ in London, UK.

Participation in the foundation with members ‘Classical Art Center’

Collaboration with Health&Art Ltd and Li-Agency disseminating skill-based art in Europe and China (exhibition and sales).

The organization of the American ‘The Representational Art Conference 2018’ TRAC2018, together with the exhibition ‘Classical Art’, in Leeuwarden, the Netherlands, then Cultural Capital of Europe.
The conference was organized by the foundation ‘The Classical Salon’ It attracted participants from all over the world and generated a.o. the ‘International League of Fine Art Schools, ILFAS’
Participation of 4 Dutch artists in the ‘5th Silk Road International Art Exhibition’ in Xi’an, China.

Collaboration with the Chain  organiser of Erasmus+ refresher courses for teachers of cultural education at various locations in Europe.

Resume 2018 Foundation The Classical Salon

Conference program trac2018