East meets West

East meets West

Research & development centre for international cultural engagements
Affiliated to the ‘International League of Fine Art Schools’ ILFAS  Foundation

Developing and perpetuating international cultural-artistic networks
Achieving mutual understanding and appreciation by cultural means through presentations, exhibitions, conferences and publications.
Organising exchanges of art exhibitions between Asia and Europe, in particular between China and the Netherlands
Preparing a museum for contemporary oriental art in the Netherlands

Members of the board
President: Li Jishu
Members:  Tom S. Hageman,  Zhou Lesheng,  Minli Gao,  Zwaan Stoker
Special senior advisor: Chen Jinfeng


Address R&D centre ‘East meets West’
Hotelux Amsterdam Airport Hotel
Bennebroekerweg 530, 2132 MD HOOFDDORP, Netherlands
Tel:. +31232062268   Website: www.hotelux.nl   Email:  info@hotelux.nl

For activities 2018-2023, see appendix: 3 Bridges
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