Every year,  some promising graduating students are rewarded with the Prix de Norvège.
Until now this was reserved for 2 graduate students of the Classical Academy in Groningen.
To be expanded from next year onwards to include a graduate from our members elsewhere in the world:
in 2022 +1; in 2023 +2; in 2024 +3.

The prize consists of a well-organised trip to the Norwegian Fjords, at the invitation of the Norwegian Dutchman and artcollector Egbert Pijfers. In this way he allows promising talent to gain inspiration in the impressive nature of Norway.

Have been selected so far:

2013, Saskia Dingelstad

2013 Tim Galvin







2014 Gerda Praamstra

2014 Mineke Gravers







2015  Niklaus Peter







2015 Randolph Algera







2016  Hana Vendlova







2016  Heleen Kater


2017 Riemke Bouwman





2017 Marja Dijkstra