Cultural ANBI

The International League of Fine Art Schools is a foundation with members, governed by with law of the Netherlands.

RSIN kenmerk 8586.23.225

Oude Boteringestraat 63, 9712 GE, GRONINGEN, Netherlands

Mutual development of skill-based art
Art is a complex profession that is based on a long tradition of knowledge of skills, insights and techniques.It is the task of vocational training to teach these skills as fully as possible, after which it is the freedom of the artist to apply them as he or she wishes.
ILFAS is a global platform for vocational training that shares knowledge, insight, ideas and initiatives and prepares exchanges between them.

The foundation consists of a management board of at least 3 and a maximum of 7 directors.
They have the general organisational and executive tasks.
At least one meeting is held every six months.
The directors cannot be allocated any remuneration.

There are at present the following board directors:
President: Tom S. Hageman
Vice-president: Jishu Li
Treasurer: Fokko Dijkstra
Secretary: Edwin van Dijk

Cultural ANBI
The ILFAS Foundation has been designated by the Dutch tax authorities as a Cultural Public Benefit Institution (ANBI). This means that contributions and gifts are tax-deductible in the Netherlands. As ANBI we are also exempt from paying gift and inheritance tax.
With a cultural ANBI, donations are tax-deductible for 125% (for companies 150%)..
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