About us

The International League of Fine Art Schools is a foundation with members, governed by with law of the Netherlands.

The foundation consists of a management board of at least 3 and a maximum of 7 directors.
They have the general organisational and executive tasks.
At least one meeting is held every six months.
The directors cannot be allocated any remuneration.

The ILFAS Foundation is a non-profit organisation and offers its services free of charge. It can fulfil its ambitions thanks to the efforts of volunteers.
The foundation is looking for volunteers in the following areas:
– set-up and surveillance of exhibitions in the Netherlands
– maintenance and extension of databases: Joomla.
– management of websites: WordPress
– PR and promotion via social media

There are at present the following board directors:
President: Tom S. Hageman
Secretary: Fokko Dijkstra
Treasurer: Vacancy
Webmaster: Edwin van Dijk

As a member, art schools and training courses on a professional level can be connected either by invitation or after balloting.
Membership is granted to either the institute or an individual representative.
For members a meeting is held once a year.

Ronald Grijpstra: general coordination
Anna Baranska: general coordination
Antoine Dufour:   promotion/PR
Harry Zijderveld: promotion/PR
David Henebury: translations
Frans Hoorn:  platform

Jishu Li: International consulent
Zwaan Stoker:   consultant rayon Europe (west)
Lilian van Opdorp, Minne Vijver:   consultants rayon Europe (east)
Lin Baogang, Hai Xie: consultants Asia (east)
Natalia Vikhreva: Russia/Brazil

Cultural ANBI
The Classical Salon Foundation has been designated by the tax authorities as a Cultural Public Benefit Institution (ANBI). This means that contributions and gifts are tax deductible. As ANBI we are also exempt from paying gift and inheritance tax.
With a cultural ANBI, selfless donations are tax deductible for individuals 125%, for companies 150%

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  Founding Act