About us

The International League of Fine Art Schools is a foundation with members, governed by with law of the Netherlands.

The foundation consists of a management board of at least 3 and a maximum of 7 directors.
They have the general organisational and executive tasks.
At least one meeting is held every six months.
The directors cannot be allocated any remuneration.

There are at present the following board directors:
President: Tom S. Hageman
Secretary: Vacancy
Treasurer: Fokko Dijkstra
Webmaster: Edwin van Dijk

As a member, art schools and training courses on a professional level can be connected either by invitation or after balloting.
Membership is granted to either the institute or an individual representative.
For members a meeting is held once a year.

Ronald Grijpstra: general coordination
Anna Baranska: general coordination
Antoine Dufour:   promotion/PR
Harry Zijderveld: promotion/PR
Judie Ellington:  translations
David Henebury: translatons
Frans Hoorn:  platform

Jishu Li: International consulent
Zwaan Stoker:   consultant rayon Europe (west)
Lilian van Opdorp, Minne Vijver:   consultants rayon Europe (east)
Lin Baogang, Hai Xie: consultants Asia (east)
Natalia Vikhreva: Russia/Brazil

Cultural ANBI
The Classical Salon Foundation has been designated by the tax authorities as a Cultural Public Benefit Institution (ANBI). This means that contributions and gifts are tax deductible. As ANBI we are also exempt from paying gift and inheritance tax. With a cultural ANBI, donations are tax deductible for 125% (for companies 150%).

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  Founding Act